TP Overview


TAMDEED Projects LLC (formerly known as Special Projects Department) team was formed in 1996 to execute contracts signed with M/s. Lucent Technologies for Military Phase-I projects. Originally there were 3 Contracts namely: OSP Engg, OSP construction and Submarine cable laying. Tamdeed Projects-LLC was successfully completed the Phase-I of these projects.

In 2001, after completion of the Military Phase-I projects and with the experience gained in cost effective and fast track operations, Tamdeed Projects LLC has taken up the infrastructure project for CATV/BBN (Broad Band network) for Etisalat and continue to take over Phase-II and III of UAE Military Projects.

In 2007, the Special Projects Department was moved from Etisalat to become under the stewardship of Etisalat Services Holdings-ESH, and in 2009 new commercial name “TAMDEED” was introduced.

During 2008 TAMDEED commenced in doing the FOC Fibre Optic Cabling Projects for Etisalat Abu Dhabi and Dubai Regions, and additionally, the unit is taking a major part of Etisalat’s Fibre to the Home (FTTH) implementation and migration plan in the all regions. After signing new large scale project agreements with institutes from Public and Private sectors, Tamdeed is positioning itself to be the preferred provider of Fibre Optic Network and Structure Cabling solutions.

TAMDEED Projects facilitates unprecedented integrated Fibre Optic solutions to the telecom sector and builds up a cutting-Edge telecom Fibre Optic Network infrastructure in an ambitious endeavour to migrate to Fibre Optic-based Networks on all UAE level. It provides end-to-end Fibre Optic deployment, preventive and emergency maintenance plans for commercial projects.

TAMDEED Projects’ four-dimension prosperous expansion demonstrates, with no lesser doubt, the people real awareness and comprehension of the great role played to enable and allow them to benefit from Tamdeed’s Fibre Optic innovative solutions, and reflects their urging demand to such technical means to overcome the long lasting obstacles of the classical copper networks. Tamdeed’s viability and feasibility have sustained its strategic partnerships and allowed establishing itself the number one innovative and reliable vendor of this industry in Gulf Region and Middle East.

The innovative Fibre Optic Networks technologies will open up fresh opportunities allowing TAMDEED Through its constant pursuit to contribute to the creation of advanced secured networked communities, and bringing about a prosperous future fulfils the dreams and responds to the development needs.

TAMDEED Projects with its advanced knowledge portfolio has served to position the UAE as one of the most advanced nations in terms of Fibre Optic Networks in the GCC Region and Middle East. The end users in UAE have started enjoying the benefits of excellent Internet connectivity and high resolution Video and TV Cable streaming.